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Today, Wednesday, September 13, 2017, is the final day that the Refugio County Supplies/Donation Centers at Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church and St. James Catholic Church in Refugio will be opened. They opened at 9 am and will remain open until 4 pm.

Any resident of Refugio County needing supplies and food, may go to or call Good Samaritan Ministries of Refugio County, 707 Commerce St, Refugio, TX, 361-526-5552.

In recognition that the need for supplies and food will continue for the residents of Refugio County, much appreciation is given to anonymous donors who are making possible the rental of 3 pods to house the contents currently housed at Our Lady of Refuge and St. James. As Good Samaritan’s supplies are reduced, these donations are available.

Thank you to Deb Bauer at Our Lady of Refuge and Anna Marie Garcia at St. James for their spirit of volunteerism and leadership in organizing the much welcomed supplies and donations and for finding locations in Refugio, and to Tiffany Perez for her leadership in organizing the volunteers who called and wanted to offer their assistance.

Gratefulness is sent to all individuals who volunteered to help them. The leaders and they underwent FEMA training and followed the rules. As a result, Refugio County benefits greatly. The countless hours voluntarily worked by volunteers in cleaning debris on people’s properties or in church and schools and municipalities were recorded. The donations of supplies and food were recorded. The many residents who came by to pick up supplies/food were recorded. These records will be translated into fund by FEMA which will be given to the County. Refugio County is the beneficiary of this largesse.

Food and supplies were also housed in Woodsboro, Bayside, Austwell, and Tivoli. These will continue until supplies and food are gone. Great appreciation goes to the voluntary leaders of these communities who assumed responsibility for finding staging areas as collections came in and made it possible for the residents to receive this much needed help.

Great appreciation is extended to Toni Rodriguez in Woodsboro, Bayside Mayor Sharon Scott, Austwell Mayor Mary Canales, and Commissioner Rod Bernal for their efforts.

All of these leaders sacrificed tending to their families and their own damaged homes in order to put collection and distribution systems in place for the incoming donations so that they would go to those that needed the help after Hurricane Harvey.

Town of Refugio
As of September 8, 2017
Refugio Barbeque
• Saturday September 9, at Heritage Park in Refugio, Friends from Falfurrias will be hosting a barbeque for the entire county starting at 2 pm.
Laundry Service:
• Mobile laundry units are now available in Refugio at the Stripes on 108 N. Alamo.
• Drop off: 6:00 am - 12:00 pm Closed: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm Pickup: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
County Wide Curfew/Looting
• Curfew for Refugio County is in effect for 10pm. Law Enforcement are enforcing curfew. There is zero tolerance for looting. Looters will be charged with felonies.
• AEP has repaired the lines and poles feeding the town with electricity, so some parts of town have electricity today and some parts do not. The next phase is to recon all the lines that feed neighborhoods to make sure it is safe to energize the lines. Poles and lines will still need checked and repaired in all the neighborhoods throughout town.
• If there is a problem with the service line coming in to your house, you will need to hire an electrician. Please make sure your property is safe should the electricity come on.
• Please do not remove trees with entangled electric lines or disturb downed lines, AEP will tend to them as soon as they can.
• Please report downed power lines and other safety hazards like broken poles to AEPTexas.com or by calling (866) 223-8508.

Boil Water Notice
• Boil Water Notice has been lifted.
• Please report water leaks to Town Hall.
Debris Clean Up
• Place limbs curb side away from downed power lines, hydrants…do not place under power lines —large trucks cannot get under lines to pick up debris. Separate debris into three separate piles for: metal, building materials, and trees/vegetation.
Shelters, Food, Water
• A shelter is open at the Fairgrounds in Refugio.
• Stripes in Refugio has a POD unit for all Refugio residents to pick up food, water, and ice.
• Our Lady of Refuge has available donated supplies.